I have a confession to make, "I have failed my marriage and I am now a Single Mom."

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A year and a half (or more) ago, life decided to throw an unexpected bomb on me. One that I didn't think I could survive. It broke me down so bad, I didn't know how to get my life back together - or if I was ever going to.

But I survived. Or rather, I'm still Surviving. Along with my two superboys, We're Surviving. 

Going through a failed marriage is never an easy thing. I strongly believed that separation and divorce should never be an option. But life happened, and as we all know, it just never turns out the way we expect them to.

Before anything else, There are two reasons I'm starting this blog.

 A) The first and selfish reason is that on the 1st day of 2014, I made it a mission to make this year the year I Face my Fears. This is going to be the year that I get up my ass and just DO; To cross off my to do list from the last 100000039743292742 years, to not let fear get in the way of my goals, to stop being afraid, to get myself together, to face the things that scare me, to be Brave.

 To be able to openly talk about the real story behind my seemingly perfect life has been a struggle. I'm sure a few of our family and friends have heard about it one way or the other. People who I see in a regular basis may know a little about it. For a while now, I have hidden behind a new facebook account that I share with very limited "friends". Because really, who would be so proud to tell the world that they have failed their marriage and is now a Single Mom. But here it goes, with very deep breaths, I have a confession to make. "I have failed my marriage and I am now a Single Mom."

 B) The second reason, which outweighs the first, is that I'm sure I'm not the first and the only one going through a failed marriage, a separation or divorce. It breaks my heart in so many ways when I hear about a family or friend that's going through the same thing, but at the same time, I understand it a little better now. I am blessed enough to be surrounded by people who have helped me get myself together and back up. I'm sure others may have different experiences, but through what I've experienced, Every single day is a Challenge. I have learned so much having had to push through financially, emotionally and physically as a person and as a parent. 

If you're going through the same thing, I'm here to tell you that It Gets Better. You will be OK. No Lie. 

In the hopes of passing on the encouragement and support to the everyday challenges of being a single (or even non-single) parents, I'm here to share with you the challenges - the wins and fails, maybe a few stories in between.

If you've made it all the way down here, Thank you for being here with me. It's hard enough facing fears and pushing through challenges on your own, Let's get through this together.

& with very very many deep deep breaths, I say #letsdothis!
- GhettoMomma


  1. Love you! No doubt, your story will be a testimony and an encouragement to so many out there :)

  2. Nikki sent me the link to your blog. You're just about a year ahead of me in terms of being in a situation like this but boy it's uncanny how much I can relate. Still in the midst of the aftermath. It's just hard when you make your family the most important thing in the whole world, then you make your life, hopes and dreams revolve around them, and in one swift swoop, it all gets obliterated. I am a single dad and I share (or shared if you're already over it) the feeling of shame of having others know that your marriage has failed. I now live alone. At times I would get home and expect my daughter to come running to me calling out papa and I would carry her but there's none of those anymore. I just breakdown sometimes. There are good days though. People will tell you there's a plan for you, then you get into asking what it is and when will it occur. I feel like your blog will help get me by when times get tough. Thanks. Congrats on being happy. I'm hopeful that I'll get there. :)

  3. Thank you for sharing your story! I just told my cousin that it breaks my heart when I hear about people who go through the same but at the same time, it's nice to know that you're not the only one going through this.
    I did not realize how hard it was until I actually went through it. I feel like it's harder when there are kids involved.
    I'm gonna be honest, it wasn't an easy recovery process, I hit rock bottom and God knows how much tears I've cried, the days I hide away from people, the amount of alcohol I have consumed, I found myself at the worst place ever and I cannot be more thankful for the people I have around me that did not give up on me because I wouldn't be where I am now without them.
    Some days, it still hurts. But I'm doing better.. Life is finally looking up.
    So, hang in there =) It's ok to not be ok for now. It does take time, but you'll be fine!
    If anything, you'll come out of this situation a lot stronger than you can ever imagine you could be. I'm cheering on you! take care =)