I Hope You Never Forget...

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Dear Momma, (or Dadda) 

There is a thing that you must know.
If you already have a growing kid, I hope by now, you've already figured this out.

If not, well, here's why I am writing to you.

There is a thing that you must know.

In the midst of the everyday chaos - the crying, the feeding, the happy giggles, the messy dinner tables, fun bubble baths and running around chasing little ones that have learned to run on their two steady feet - There is another person in your little world that matters.

There is a thing that you must know.

You look at them with your tired, very little to no sleep eyes and you still smile as you think ' these little guys are insanely lucky they are capable of being the cutest things in the world.' - and they are. They are the most amazing gift. They fill your heart with so much love and fill your hands with .. well, I'll let you decide on that.

But There is a Thing That you must know, and one that I hope You Never Forget.

Life can get Insanely Busy and It isn't hard for any parent to forget - I've done it, I am still guilty of it once in a while.

& if it's something that you've forgotten about, I hope that this be your quick reminder.

There is a thing that you must know.

Actually, it's a Who. It's a very special someone that I hope you don't forget to take care of.

The moment that this person wakes up to the end of the day, this person is responsible for the world of another. What do I feed the kids? What are they going to do today? Who is bringing them to school? Who is picking them up? Where are the socks? You know, the ones that match? Never mind, no one really cares if they match. What's happening after school? Do they have games to go to? Parties to attend? Oh crap! That party that my 5 year old was waiting for all week happened YESTERDAY!!!!

Yes, that person. Take care of her. Feed her well. Remind her that She is just as important as the little ones that she is pouring out all her love and energy into. Tell her to never stop doing the things that she loves. Tell her that her dreams still matter. Tell her to take a break once in a while - to breathe - to have fun. Tell her she has a life outside of being a Parent - it may not feel like it, but it is something that she needs to pursue - for her sanity & the safety of everybody around her (hehe).

Take Care of You, Momma (and Dadda). 
This is the bestest gift that you can give to your Kids. (aside from happy meals, trips to toys r us, lightsabers & those new Jordans.. ugh.) 

& to quote our all time fave JB song - I hope you never forget to... "Love Yourself."

xo, coffees and lotsa wine!
- Ghettomomma