The plastic bag.

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Once upon a time, this momma went to an airport with nothing but a wallet and a plastic bag. She went and asked where she could get a flight back to Edmonton from Vancity and this man looked at her and asked, "Do you have money?". 

I have never felt so looked down upon in my life. But I don't blame him, It wasn't my brightest shining moment. 

A little pissed at this man, I walked straight to the counter and swiped my credit card.

He had a point. I didn't have money. I was spending somebody else's money. 

The plastic bag. 
It is my biggest reminder to never go back to that time in my life where I am carelessly spending away money - what I've earned and what's not really mine - 
for pleasures that I don't really need and won't really last. 

Life is really that simple. A vacation, shopping spree and that kickass looking car all look pretty tempting. But it's not something I can afford right now. These things can wait. 

For now, I'll stick with my plastic bag. 

Let's do this,