The Pizza Story.

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Have you ever been in a situation where your kid asks for something and you had to say "No". And it's not like you didn't wanna give it to them, but rather, you just couldn't.

The Pizza Story.

There was a time that I could not afford to give the boys their Pizza Nights. Some might find it really shallow and stupid that I make such a big deal out of Pizza Nights. But it was a big part of our weekend and when we hit that situation in our lives, it hurt like hell. I could not afford anything, at all. There's me scrambling around for change and it would not be enough for a small sized Pizza.

We didn't have Pizza Nights for a good 6 months or so.. but here's a few things that we learned :

1. We didn't die when we didn't have Pizza Nights.
Yes, we love Pizza!!! We're crazy about it, but we're still here and breathing, we survived.

There are things that we can live without. 

2. We valued Pizza Nights more when it wasn't a normal weekend thing but something that we saved up for and waited to get. The boys learned to give up little toys that they would pick up while we do our groceries because they wanted their Pizza.

The harder you work for something, the more you'll value it.

3. We learned that Pizza Nights are better when they are shared. At the time when we couldn't afford it, we had family and friends offer to buy the boys Pizza when we visited. The boys know that once we were able to afford it, they are more than happy to share.

When we didn't have any, we were offered kindness. When we had some, we learned to share and pass it on.

4. We settled for cheaper alternatives. The boys weren't as crazy about it, but it was ok, we still enjoyed it.

It really wasn't the Pizza that made Pizza Nights, it was our time together that mattered.

5. As soon as we learned no.4, we were ok with only having it on Special Occasions or when we were celebrating something. It stopped becoming a weekend thing, because together, the boys and I have learned to spend more time and catch up on the daily, we stopped having to wait for Pizza Nights.

As busy as life can get, building relationships with your kids (or people) don't have to be a weekend thing. It can be done on the daily - with or without Pizza. 

Here's the boys and I on our first Pizza Night at the new place we moved in 3 months ago. We're very thankful for everyone and everything that we have in our lives. God's blessings has truly been overwhelming. We will continue to pass it on...

Hope everyone's pushing through a good week.
The boys and I are up and ready to hustle. Let the chaos begin ^_^
xoxo, Ghettomomma