Dear Winter Blues.

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I have been living in the land of cold and snow for a good 5 years now. Every winter, I would tell myself that I would give some fun winter activities a try. Well, I always end up hiding under the blanket with a good warm coffee or hot chocolate (and a bag of chips. oops.) and make it a good excuse to watch a full series of tv shows that I haven't had the time to watch throughout the year (aka The Mindy Project). In other words, I Pig-Out!

But 2016 came and while 2015 was what I would consider a good year, I really did not plan ahead enough last year to balance work and play. For the first week of January 2016, I am already feeling burnt out. I could blame it on the weather. But man, is this body just really giving up on me!

My mind is completely drained. I am tired. Of Everything. And I need to do something about it - fast!

I booked a week off from work with zero plans and as my last day was approaching, I had asked around for what to do.

I ended up in Rabbit Hill with the gfriends. We found a deal on Groupon for the day and decided to do something we all haven't done before, SNOWBOARD.

Ha. The noob in me asked a lot of questions and watched what everyone did. My bum has not had this much action in forever! I have terrible balance so yes, I was falling every 5-10 seconds. Kids half my size were doing so much better than I was. But OMG, it's the funnest thing I've done in a while.

I woke up today and I'm sore as crap! But I needed this. I needed a break. I needed a little excitement. And I needed this time with some of my fave people.

To survive as a mom - a working mom - a working single mom, I've been learning to "Let Go". I had always thought that it would make me such a horrible parent if I go out and have fun on my own. I would always have that guilt in me. But since learning to give myself a "Day Off" or a "Time Out" on my own, as an individual, without my boys, it has given me that breath of freshness and re-motivates me to push through another few weeks or months until I feel the need for a "Time Out" again.

Maybe this year, I will push to schedule these "Time Outs", add them in my calendar and not wait for the burn out.

When was the last time you had your ME time ?
Is it time to schedule in a Day Off ?

xoxo, Ghettomomma