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I can’t tell you enough how much I needed to breathe today. Like, really, BREATHE a DEEP DEEP BREATH x 10 and repeat. 

It has been the longest weekend ever. Nothing was going right. Well, at least that’s how I’ve been feeling like. And the last straw today was this. 

We picked up our groceries and my little one dropped a bottle of milk and spilled ALL OVER THE ELEVATOR.


We quickly put the spilling bottle of milk in a bag (filled with groceries) and ran to our door with milk still spilling in the hallway - a carpeted hallway. 

I did not see what happened. It scared him too. He cried. He was crying. His brother and I were cleaning up items from the bag and I had to quickly go back and wipe the elevator clean - as we had neighbours coming in and out. 

I got back and I was about to lose it.

Oh - and along with other groceries, my phone took a milk bath in that bag and no longer works (I also buried it in rice overnight) 

But there, I saw the Big brother trying to comfort the little one. 
"It's okay. It was an accident. It happens..."

And I exhaled… a DEEP DEEP BREATH x10 and repeat. 

I dream of good days. And really, we do have good ones. But life ain’t always that way. We like to call our home, Our Happy Place. And we do make every effort to make it that. But some days, there’s this… and some days, a whole lot of this. 

Which brings me to my point. 


You know that thing that you click on your browser when things stop loading? You hit stop and refresh.. and then it starts loading again. 

Once in a while, we’re kinda like that. life’s kinda like that. I feel the need to hit stop and refresh. 

to take a DEEP DEEP BREATH x10 and repeat. 

We talked shortly after and he said it was an accident. I apologized for being mad. My other not so little guy was right, these things happen. 

And I know that it wasn’t just because of the exploding milk that I was close to losing it. Mommying is a tough job, and ya’ll know it. 
It’s the little things that build up. 
And the truth is.. 
I haven’t been doing my part in dealing with it and these are the days that really make me aware of it. 


Make some “YOU” time. 
Hop in a nice bath. a bubble bath. 
Take a nice walk. 
Wake up a little earlier to grab a cup of “HOT” coffee and drink said “HOT” coffee. 
Read a book. and no, not Facebook. 
Talk to a friend. 
Grab your weights/ do a little YOGA / stretch / Run (hehe.)
or (if we're bein real here) put the music up and dance like YOLO!!! 
A DEEP DEEP BREATH x10 and repeat. 


Yes, I get it, even that feels and takes a little effort. But ya’ll know - We need it. 


Have an awesome week ahead <3

xoxo, GMOMMA