& so the day ends...

10:57 PM Ghettomomma 0 Comments

The lights are off and the boys are in bed.

& so the day ends.

I'd like to pretend that life is perfect but it would be like painting a picture of expectations vs reality.

There's laundry piled up in the laundry room that's been sitting there for weeks. Dishes unwashed. And a very exhausted momma just trying to get through one last workday of the week.

Tomorrow is Friday. yay!

And then the boys go off to their dad's for the weekend.

It gets lonely. It gets busy. There's never enough time. And I make all the excuses in the world as to why I am still flying solo.

There are dreams to chase and boys to take care of. But more and more these days, I wonder what life would be like if I allowed myself to take a chance.

Maybe it's the getting old stage. 31 is coming up quick, in 4 days to be exact.

I guess most of us have imagined ourselves with a life that's all settled down by now.

But maybe there's a bright side to it.

Maybe. I'm still waiting on it.

This year has been absolutely amazing - a lot of ups and downs still, but more than I could ever imagine.

There's more work to be done. But I'll shut down for now.

& so the day ends...