MoneyMatters: Retail Theraphy and Guilt Free Shopping

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So you know the times when you go into a store and you see this really nice shirt and you want it and then you see the pricetag and you're like, maybe I'll hold on to it for a bit and see if I really like it. Then you walk around some more and you find more stuff that you like, oooh that purse and this shoe would look soo good with that shirt and so you grab them all and feel exactly the same thing as you did with the shirt. 

& then, you get to the counter and feel sooo much guilt that you just let it all go, and leave. 

That. That was me for the last 10 months. The first few months were the toughest.. and then you just kinda get sick of it, skip the mall altogether and you just kinda forget. 

Yes. You forget. 

My rule for guilt free spending and saving is this, that you only allow yourself to spend 10% of what's left in your bank account after taking money out for the things you "need" for anything that goes into the category of "Want". 

10 months later, I finally had enough saved to actually go Shopping - Guilt Free and I'm gonna tell you this, it feels Damn Good. 

&its true what they say, some things are really worth the wait :) 

Let's do this!