On Dreams and Hustlin' : When hard work pays off...

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It's been a week since I've switched over to a stay at home - work at home momma. Which means running the business FULL TIME. Which means, I get to stay home more and be away for work less.

I have put soo much time on work for the past year. I have worked a full time job and did shoots or covered events on the weekend. Some weekdays, I would go to work from 6-2 and still work on photos for the rest of the afternoon, all while trying to juggle in laundry, groceries, playing referee between the two boys, packing lunches and making sure the kids are ready to go the next day. Then I had the opportunity to earn a bit more when I switched over jobs the summer, I had a blast and I learned so much from the experience but it required us to be away for some days in a week and back on some weekends, all while dealing with events to cover on weekends and it got me to a point where I was no longer there for my kids. I struggled.

The good thing about all this is that, there was a plan. I had a choice of sacrificing a bit of time to hustle it up, give up a bit of comfort to save money, to get me closer to the goal of being able to be there as a present parent for my kids - physically, financially, emotionally. That, or to keep working a steady job, getting part time gigs to cover up extra expenses and be left with not enough time and energy to spend on taking care of the boys. 

I'm happy to say that through all the sweat and tears, we have made it. Or at least, we are closer to where we want to be. 

We have lived off the basics & stayed on budget for other expenses which allowed us to save enough to get us through another few months. I am happy to say that our bills and rent have been paid off for the rest of the year and this has allowed me to let go of a full time job and instead stay at home & work at home to be there more for the bois. 

There has not been a time this week that I would be close to the door and Jaeden would ask me if I had to go to work, it gives me the biggest pleasure to say that "Mommy doesn't work anymore" (of course, that's not true, I just don't have to be away when he's home.), the biggest smile I get with a big "YAY!" is simply priceless. 

Hard work does pay off & this is my biggest prize. 

There's still a lot of work, we're not there yet, but it feels good to know we're a step closer =)

If you're out there hustlin' for your family or your dreams, Keep hustlin'. Go for it 10 times harder. Focus on your goal. It's not gonna be easy but I can tell you this, IT WILL PAY OFF!
 & when it does, it's gonna Feel Damn Good! 

#Letsdothis, I'm cheerin' on you! 


  1. Oh Abby... You have absolutely no idea how much this blog of yours inspire me and give me hope. My favorite was the plastic bag in the airport. Reminds me of that time when I didn't even have enough money for gas to drive to go pick up my daughter. I wanna make life better. I hope to hear more about how you did it on your second blog entry Life gets better. Thanks! And keep writing! :)

  2. Thank you Paolo! This definitely encourages me and will definitely make time to write more :) I'm glad to hear that it helps and that you want to make life better. I think that's one of the most important things! Thanks again :) Talk soon!

  3. Will you think of me as the "un-cool stalker Tita" if I said I read your blog from cover to cover, like, just now? No? OK. :) You're doing a great job, Aby! I'm proud of you. Your posts actually made me feel inspired myself. I need to get some of that courage you have that made you quit your job and start a passion business, all while being a single mom (I can't imagine how it's like!). Your faith and courage is inspiring. I can imagine us sitting in some coffee shop, talking about our journeys as moms and creatives who have so much dreams up our sleeves. Hay. Galingan mo! I'm rooting for you. :) Love you heaps. Tita Riz