Let it go, Let it go.

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Letting go hurts. 
- especially when it's with something or someone that has meant a lot to you that you've held on to for so long. 

Letting go is scary. 
- what would you do without them? When once upon a time, they became your direction, your life, your world. 

But Letting go can also be one of the best decisions you can ever make. (*in the right circumstances) 
- When you let go of things that aren't supposed to be yours anymore, it makes way for better things to come into your life. Things that you'd never expect to come your way; 

Beautiful things - like finding yourself again, finding new dreams and adventures.

Simple joys - like learning to open yourself up to new things and seeing life differently. 

Let go.
Have a little faith. 

"Joy comes in the morning."